A life

Sunday, September 10th, 2006 @ 11:10 | blog


Everybody gets a life. I have recently realized that it would be best to not just sail through it with a blindfold on, but to make it a journey worth taking.

Since things (“life”) have often dwindled to a numbing routine, I’m guessing I might find more motivation if I make this public. (Even though I expect even less traffic than with my primary blog.)

Some background

I have another blog, 71/78: A Gamer’s Blog. It’s all about playing videogames. Lately there’s been more and more stuff I’ve wanted to post about but which have felt out of place in that context. Today I noticed that someone’s listed 71/78 as one of his favorites and I got the feeling that it would best serve my audience if I separated my life stuff from my hobby stuff.

The title, then. I was born in 1978 and it felt logical to tie the title to the year, like I did with my other blog. Continuity, you see. It’s important in life.

About myself

My name is Joonas. I have always lived in Helsinki, Finland, though I spent my childhood in the city next door, Vantaa. I am married with no children. She studies egyptology, which I think is cool as hell.

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