Wednesday, October 4th, 2006 @ 3:12 | life, sports

While “routine” may very well become part of the “grind”, I still think it’s a good idea to establish some social routines to prevent the situation where you’re too tired to arrange meetings with friends.

My wife introduced a habit of hanging out at a coffee shop on Mondays, post-school and -work. I think that’s a great idea. Mondays always go to waste, as you’re too stressed or zoned out to really do anything at home, anyway. We did that this Monday, and it was good. We’re also thinking of hanging out regularly on Fridays, watching telly and whatnot. Most people have probably come up with similar schemes ages ago, but they feel like revelations to me. I’ve been really holed up at home when I’m not at work.

I’m thinking that maybe I could extend this to the other things I never find the time to do. Like gaming – besides videogames, that is. I’d like to continue our shelved roleplaying game campaigns and play with miniatures, but we haven’t been able to come up with dates. It might be a good idea to agree upon playing every other weekend or so. There’s still the problem of our university-going friends finding the time, but maybe the rest of us could play something else when they can’t make it.


Yesterday I did the six-minute run with no problem whatsoever. It was raining properly, too – it felt absolutely great to run in the rain! My ankles didn’t hurt either, though they’re aching a bit today. Still thinking about those running shoes.

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