2007. Bring it on!

Sunday, December 31st, 2006 @ 4:32 | life

Happy New Year
So it’s 2007 already. I think I’ll spare everyone a recap, but let me just share these two last things I learned in 2006.

One, do not force open a sparkling wine bottle with your bare hands. It was bothersome noticing how I’d smeared blood on people’s glasses! It doesn’t hurt, but yes, I did get those scrapes all across my index finger and palm just by twisting open a sparkling wine bottle’s cork. The champagne we had opened so easily – don’t settle for substitutes!

(Edit: the cork was a problem because there was no pressure in the bottle to help it come off. Faulty bottle, then.)

Champagne Hand
Two, if you want to get somewhere by midnight on New Year’s eve, do call a cab well in advance. The cellular network was busted and the cab service was clogged up. I thought half an hour for the less than 2 km trip would be sufficient, but I was dead wrong. I was on time to kiss my wife only because a cab accidentally picked me up instead of the customers next door. Lucky, seeing that there were already quite a few people waiting for rides on the street when I came out to wait for mine. I don’t actually know why the cab chose me, I didn’t wave him down or anything. I was around five minutes late to my wife from seeing friends, but well in time for fireworks. Too bad the other customers had to wait the extra ten minutes or so!

Over the evening, we played with the Nintendo Wii and re-learned chess. I sucked at Wii. I was actually rather intrigued by chess, which I didn’t expect at all. I haven’t played since junior high.

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