Laptop-friendly precision input solution (Wacom tablet)

Wednesday, January 24th, 2007 @ 2:05 | technology

My wife asked me to draw a comic for a publication she’s working on. I haven’t done any illustration in ages, and I had to install my Wacom tablet to get started. The same night, I was frustrated over my ergonomics while working on my laptop – I couldn’t use a mouse too well from where I sat and the touchpad is frankly the devil’s tool. Well, at least in all the Acers I’ve used it is.

Today as I sat down to work on the laptop again, it dawned on me to hook the tablet into the laptop to take over the mouse’s functions. It’s worked very well! I have to move my hands only a bit to grap the pen, and it’s much faster and more precise than the touchpad. I can rest the tablet in my lap, with a separate keyboard on my knees – I can’t actually use the laptop on my lap, because it weighs a ton and heats up to very uncomfortable levels. It should be noted, too, that my tablet is one of the small ones, roughly A6 input size.
Still, I continue to dream about a Mac laptop – yes, even with their touchpads.

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