Taking the time

Thursday, February 1st, 2007 @ 8:20 | life

I’ve been very busy at work for some time, which is no wonder considering how much my role has changed over the past half a year. I’m pulling regular overtime – not a huge amount, but something that adds up to whole days quickly.
The thing is, potential days off to compensate for the overtime aren’t helping my stress level or lack of time with my family at all. I have now decided to schedule a day off, or half a day off, whenever I’m adding up my hours and notice that there are whole days in the reserve.

I used to think that I’ll save up the days and extend one of my regular vacations by a substantial amount, but it’s no good pushing all that overtime by half a year or so. Another thing that’s been holding me back is thinking that I can’t be away for one day. In my new role I’m pretty much in control of my own schedule, so I can decide well ahead of time that I’m absent on a given day.

This situation aggravated yesterday as I put in 14 hours in one day, but I’m glad it did. As I’ve said before, it is easy to get lost in the daily grind.

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