Mac apps: refinement (MacBook)

Saturday, May 12th, 2007 @ 11:46 | technology

Continuing on my initial Mac applications impressions and recommendations, this is an update of sorts.

Path Finder by CocoaTech is essential, really. Considering how good the rest of Mac Os X (Tiger) is, the suckiness that is the Finder baffles me. Path Finder replaces it with a much more useful application which does all of Finder’s work and then some. It isn’t free, but the $35 USD seems very reasonable for less frustration and more work done.

I’ve been using Thunderbird now. Apple’s own Mail did not play nice with our office Exchange, but Thunderbird does. No problems whatsoever, recommended! I am loving the Saved Search (Smart) folders. Make an automated search for all unread or tagged (to-do) email, and presto – they’re in the same virtual folder. Immense time saver.

I just installed the Lightning add-on to Thunderbird for calendar support, we’ll see how it turns out. Currently I need to run several calendars side by side which is a serious pain in the butt (Basecamp, GSM, office).

Neo Office has worked for me, although I’ve only needed Writer (=Word) so far.

I did a clean install on the MacBook to save space and eliminate clutter. It was painless. I would’ve appreciated some options on what bundled apps to install, though; now I need to go through the trouble of throwing away a lot of stuff. The Comic Life is a fun discovery though. Don’t know if I’ll ever use it, but some kids out there ought to be inspired by it.

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