Mac apps: communication

Sunday, May 13th, 2007 @ 10:08 | technology

Continuing to list Mac software I’ve found useful, let’s tackle IM, IRC and Web development.

Adium is a multi-network instant messenger. I’m using it for MSN Messenger and Google Talk, and it just works. No problems at all and you don’t have to tweak it to make it look serviceable or unannoying, unlike the many Windows-based IM clients I’ve endured. It’s free, too.

I am not much of an IRC user, so when I do need IRC, I’d like it to be as easy as possible. Colloquy is, and it’s free, to boot. You don’t really have to learn anything, it works the way you’d think it would.

To work, I need a simple Web editor. Dreamweaver is way too hardcore for my needs (updates, small text changes), although I do like it for full-blown development, which I haven’t had to do in some years. And doing things with a plain text editor, web browser and FTP client is a chore. In steps Coda, which basically just integrates the three functions of editing, previewing and transferring to one application. It comes in at a currently reasonable 79$ USD. I’ve been using it for a couple of sites now and so far I like it a lot. It helps that it has integrated CSS support with visual helps, because I do not live and breathe style sheets.

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