Bookshelf: World War Z

Sunday, August 12th, 2007 @ 6:25 | printed words

Max Brooks’ novel of mankind’s aftermath of the so-called zombie war makes for absorbing reading. The work labels itself an “oral history” and makes every effort to read like an actual debrief of a war mankind barely survived. The concept is that zombies spread all over the world and mankind needs to fight them off.

Brooks uses an interview style which provides a perfect blend of narrative, discussion of “facts”, personal accounts and vivid imagery. I found myself forgetting its fictional nature many times, almost about to tell tales of the zombie war to people unfamiliar with the book. Brooks has conjured very effective scenes and people, stuff you like to tell to people, wondering if this is how it would play out. It’s certainly very believable.

They’re making a movie about this and for once I’m somewhat positive about a forthcoming film adaptation. With a documentary style it just might repeat the book’s effectiveness.

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