Stepping back (Apple MacBook)

Sunday, August 12th, 2007 @ 9:44 | technology

I’m changing jobs and I need to give up my MacBook. I’m not sure what I’m getting in my new job, but most likely PC hardware, in any case, the company I’m working for being large, as opposed to the very flexible advertising agency environment I’m currently in.

I admit I’ll miss the computer a lot. Making the change back to the Windows world does not please me; although the possibility of trying Vista on for a size intrigues me. I’m very likely to get a new portable Mac at some point for personal use.

As it happens, the MacBook has severely let me down just this weekend. Coming back from a holiday, its battery had depleted and the computer just won’t recognize it anymore. The software update didn’t help and it needs to be replaced. Well, not my problem anymore.

I’m hoping Colibri can alleviate my need for Quicksilver. There is one thing I’m welcoming back though, that being the Windows Explorer as opposed to the Mac Finder. Although Path Finder improved file management a lot, I guess I’m just so used to the Explorer that it never felt quite as natural to me. Coda will be missed, as well.

Looking at the whole, though, I’m pretty certain I will first and foremost miss the keyboard and touchpad. This laptop is a joy to type and work on, something I can’t say I have nearly experienced with any PC laptop hardware. Most likely an external screen, keyboard and mouse are called for, again.

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