Active Collab

Tuesday, August 14th, 2007 @ 4:13 | technology

A colleague tipped me off to check out Active Collab, an open source alternative to Basecamp, the widely respected project management solution. Upon setting up my first project, it feels pretty good. Some things are just off, like the way it’s centered around “companies” and “clients”, when I feel that many people (say, students) might use these things for other uses than business. In any case, definitely worth checking out, supposing that you have your own web host. I wouldn’t change my paid-for Basecamp projects over to it just yet, though, since a lot of features are still being developed.

My motivation for trying out Active Collab was that I needed a solution for a freelance gig and the idea of having zero restrictions (number of projects, size of files and so on) appealed to me. As it stands, Basecamp is still easier to use and better designed.

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