Back on PC hardware (HP-Compaq NC6320)

Thursday, August 23rd, 2007 @ 11:33 | technology

I got my new work computer. It’s an HP-Compaq NC6320. I have spoken loud and clear against HP before, mostly due to disastrous printers, but I have to say that my initial impressions of this laptop are very positive. The machine is pretty large, but not too heavy. Especially the screen and keyboard are excellent. If I’m going to add an external keyboard, it’s because of the separate numpad. I did add an extra screen, simply due to needing the extra space – if this was a widescreen panel, I might do without.

So far I’m mostly missing the Macbook’s better still screen and superior touchpad. This machine’s touchpad is alright, but the “mouse” buttons feel rubbery and too light and the instantly accurate feel of the Macbook touchpad isn’t there. I’ve only used the machine in the office so far, but it sounds quieter than the Macbook and I think it doesn’t get as hot.

I’ll be in Amsterdam most of next week, so we’ll see how the machine does on the road. (The battery life should be a respectable 3,5 hours.) I have extremely limited user rights on the rig, though, so I know I’m not getting the full experience. I would love to play with the integrated fingerprint sensor, for instance.

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