Friday, September 28th, 2007 @ 10:24 | blog

Kai challenged me to post this.

Usually I have time to think me-stuff only in commute. At home I’m either engrossed in consuming entertainment, be it TV, magazines or videogames, or doing chores – mostly eating, really. At work I’m obviously working for the most part, although I often post in the office before I start working, or on a break. But the actual thinking, such as it is, usually happens during commute.

I actually look forward to the commute on most days. I tend to listen to podcasts (Gamers With Jobs), play videogames (PSP), read magazines (Edge) or listen to music. Podcasts and magazines give me fuel for my gaming blog, while listening to music gives me time to think. I used to sleep during my commutes, but I rarely do that anymore, probably because my commute is fast these days, only 20-30 minutes.

So the challenge was to take a picture from the place I do my posting. I’m not going to post a photo of my workplace (a cubicle) or my home computer (in the bedroom) or a laptop in my living room, but the commute is the thing that ties it all together. The photo below was taken from a moving bus with a Canon Digital IXUS i7 Zoom, which I happened to be taking for a spin yesterday. As it happens, I took 69 photographs and some video of the commute, and this one is perhaps the most representative of it all. I go through a lot of road construction work and admire the autumn colors.


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