LinkedIn Dashboard for Outlook

Sunday, June 28th, 2009 @ 12:25 | technology

Receiving an average of more than a dozen emails per day, my Outlook requires more upkeep than I’d prefer. I installed the LinkedIn Dashboard for Outlook to get my Outlook contacts rebuilt after migrating to a new laptop – Sony VAIO VGN-SR39VN, loving it, the best thing since a Macbook I’ve used – since Microsoft’s lack of migration tools made the transition difficult. The plugin got the job done very well.

I was somewhat irritated to see what kinds of crap it installed into my Outlook, already something of an unknown with all the features I never use getting in my way day to day, but coming into the LinkedIn Dashboard was a revelation. It is presenting me with precisely the information that’s so fuzzy about my old Outlook – is there someone I’m forgetting to reply? Is there a red flag somewhere down the line, buried under all the contact requests from outsourcing companies? Am I forgetting that someone even exists?

My old Inbox is still the way it ever was. The LinkedIn Dashboard makes sense out of it and I would pay something for it. All the better that it’s free.

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